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Its ok to not be ok

Sounds more like a Cliché but that's exactly what most of the Younger Generation want someone tell'em sincerely

We do exactly that here at Youth Ignite. A place where its just not Young people gather for fellowship but this is also a place where talent is honed. New preachers are shaped, Worship leaders are made, talent.. is sharpened.

Youth Ignite is a congregation of people that are of age 13 - 35. 



Every Youth in the Church Dial's in to the Church's Prayer Hotline every morning for intercessory prayers. This not only sends Healing and Deliverance to those Prayed for but also sanctifies the praying. Sets the course for the day ahead.

ZOOM Conference

Saturday's @ 6 PM: Youth Ignite

Connect with us every Saturday evening's at 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM as we Praise our Saviour Jesus in Singing & Dancing, as we dissect the Bible to best see what it says and how it applies to our lives.

Meeting ID: 837 8152 1410
Passcode: 962459


Although the COVID19 pandemic has forced us to push brakes on outdoor or in-person meet, during the pre-covid days the Youth had the habit of spending time with each other at retreats, conferences, events, and just sporadically for coffee or RPL. We are only hoping that God will send us a breakthrough soon enough and we resume these fun/safe escapades.

A few activities:

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