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Sunday School is a fully programmed worship experience for your kids that includes Bible Learning, Games, stories, activities, and much more! Join Now!


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Sunday School

Online programme


We began Sunday School with an intention to make children of all ages to understand the word of God deeply. This programme helps to develop a close relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. We have classes carefully designed for students from age 3 onwards.


The curriculum is created in a very structured manner to ensure that the soil of our kid’s heart is prepared so that the seeds of faith can grow.


There are 15 classes classified:

[B1(Beginner 1), B2, B3,

P1(Primary 1) P2, P3,

J1(Junior 1), J2, J3,

I1(Intermediate 1), I2, I3,

S1(Senior 1), S2, S3].


There are 3 term exams conducted every academic year. Report cards are maintained for periodic exams and grades will be shared with parents/guardians. After successful completion of S3 there will be a One-year internship post which a graduation certificate will be awarded marking completion of the programme. Choice of English and Telugu mediums are available for learning.

Sunday School Programme
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Besides class syllabus each student is part of a group assigned (Red, Blue, Green & Yellow). This is to develop group-dynamics, to enhance team-work, develop talents and bring the best out of everyone. Likewise, Individual talent assessments are conducted annually (Usually on the 26th of Jan) . Memory verse and Bible Quiz competitions are held from chosen books from the Bible for each academic year. This enables our children to study the scriptures and engrave it in their minds. Theme wise assembly is held periodically. Personal development topics are also given to girls and boys separately.

Overall this programme is designed to create a social, emotional and spiritual environment that prepares hearts and minds for God to work.

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