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Benny Prasad

An exceptional guitarist, Benny Prasad wowed the world with his un-imitable music. A world record holder in being the fastest to travel to every nation – Benny has traveled to over 194 sovereign countries and 51 dependent countries (including Antarctica) in 6years, 6months, 22days. He invented the Bentar, a fusion between a guitar and a bongo, complete with 54 strings.



Singspiration is a Worship Night Series intended to bring the entire RCAG Family under one roof, both young & old for an evening of Passionate and Exciting worship. In-House Worship Band theRestorers takes lead.

12 Aug

The Real Freedom
The Real Freedom

Revival Centre Church in Assn. with Youth Ignite presented The Real Freedom
The Bridge House lead the gathering into worship. One of the renowned teams in the City, having a great heart for the Lord. It was a treat to all Music lovers.

True freedom is just not being independent.

Freedom to us is given by our Lord, our Savior Jesus, when he gave himself as ransom, to set us free of our sins. The Real Freedom emphasized on this very truth, letting more non-believers & believers alike, understand & embrace it.

Bands who played for the Evening: The Bridge House & theRestorers

The Bridge House

Speaker: Rev. Mathew George


Time: 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: RCAG, Church Hall


Witness, understand and get challenged for the great commission. Hear from the personal experiences of missionaries who work in the rural, tribal and naxal annexed areas. Their life challenges, also the undying spirit to preach the Gospel to the unreached will inspire you. 

Its time to abide in, abandon for and advocate the cause of JESUS

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