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​Our Sunday Gatherings provide an opportunity for kids

to grow into disciples of Jesus in the  everyday stuff of life.
We use The Gospel Project curriculum and integrate music, games, creative arts, teaching, discussion, and prayer to teach and model the Gospel in
age-appropriate settings.
Most importantly, we believe that God has given parents the primary responsibility for the growth and discipleship of their kids. It’s our privilege to partner with parents by providing the resources and support to

make this happen.

Also, as and when the Sunday Service

happens in the main Church hall,

a Kids Worship happens right at the ground level. You will find ushers near the gate, to guide you through. You can leave your tot, who is/are 3 years above with the ushers and they will engage your child in the Kids Worship. The tots are taught Songs, Biblical Stories, involved in group activities, shown Biblical Movies to help learn the Bible easily, and much more... while you enjoy a great fellowship upstairs.





Summer Camp is held every year in the month of May.
We invite kids from in and around our locality and teach them arts, crafts, music and eventually the

word of God. 

We have many kids that have accepted the Lord through this initiative and are actively working for the Church for the expansion of his Kingdom.



Youth Ignite is the gathering of the young that happens every Saturday at 7 PM inside the Church premises. It is a great way for the Youth to stay connected with their fellow Worshipers and have fellowship & celebrate what God is doing among us.

We find creative ways to impact and reach our cities. You can join us and celebrate all God is doing with Worship, engaging Sermons & Biblical Games.

Youth Ignite Lectern BG.jpg

Youth Ignite

Village & Outreach

RCAG has adopted several villages and also hold outreach mission work
in several locations in the state of Telangana.

The Gospel reaches the ears of several people and are made disciples of Christ.

They proactively then take initiatives and associate with the church and conduct several meetings winning and multiplying new souls for the Kingdom of God





Ladies Meeting happens every Wednesday at 10am

The ladies gather at any believers

place they randomly select.

A great way for them to embrace their

God-given femininity,
maximizing their strengths, and wisely

stewarding their influence.



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