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Jiss Sherin

Manage "Team" Collection Edit Live Data Sync On 22 August 2018 my mother had to undergo a hysterectomy surgery. Post surgery there was several complications. My mother's saturation level became very low and she had to be given oxygen continuously for more than 24 hrs. The church had been praying continuously and by the grace of God she was given a discharge on 27 August 2018. We were asked to consult the doctor after a week for check up and biopsy reports. When we went for the check up on September 2 2018 we were told that the biopsy reports need to be re-reviewed by another pathologist. We were quite apprehensive when they told this. But we found strength in the Lord and stayed positive. Later when my father went to collect the report, doctor said the report was not normal. Few malicious cells were found in her left ovary and thus we need to go for an advanced biopsy to know the severity of the situation and stage of cancer. Doctor told us not to reveal this information with the patient now as she has already been going through allergic reactions of medicines and was physically weak. This news shattered us within but we held on to the hope that God would turn this as a testimony that would glorify his name. We gave the samples for an advanced biopsy at NIMS. After one week we got the reports stating that my mother had Granulosa cells tumor. We were asked to consult an Oncologist who asked us to conduct advanced blood test (Inhibin A&B) in order to check the presence of the Granulosa cells in her body. When we approached the doctor with the reports again, he said, we are indeed lucky that it was the first stage of cancer and that the infection has just developed and that before the cells started spreading anywhere else the organ was operated and completely removed and that there are no traces of those cells in her body now. As a family we knew it was not by luck but rather it was by the grace of God that my mother had been healed. All praise and glory to God alone. Are you going through any sickness or financial crisis? Are you worried about your future? One thing I would like to share is that there is absolutely nothing God can't do or solve. Trust God and his timings. He will never put you through any situation that you can't withstand. He will never leave you nor forsake you. I take this time to thank the entire church for your valuable prayer and support at this difficult point of our life. Even though many people were unaware of the severity of the situation, you continued to pray for us and that had really been a deliverance in our life.

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