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I am Danish Peter, from Ernakulum, Kerala. I would like to share how Jesus delivered me from darkness and bondage of sin and led me to his light. Born and brought up in a nominal Christian family, I had no relationship with Jesus. I had a wonderful childhood with no apprehensions or worries. I was good in studies and extracurricular activities. My life took a real wrong turn when I reached a place called Kuttikanam in Kerala for my higher education. Everything went well for the first two semesters. During my third semester one of my friend asked me to try smoking just to know what it would feel like. Without any hesitation I took my first puff and that was one of the worst feelings I ever had and hated the smell of cigarette. But gradually I became an addict to smoking. In due course of time other intoxicating drinks and drugs became a part of my life. Even the people with whom I associate changed dramatically. Now my friends were mostly criminals and even we went to an extent where we started smuggling of liquor to earn more money for worldly pleasures. At a point of time I was sent out of college hostel due to my outrageous behaviour. This gave me more freedom for everything. I can even compare my life with the demon possessed man in the land of Geresans. There were times I spent my nights in terrifying isolated places and even some nights I chose graveyards to sleep. Even though I lost the control of my life I was smart enough to act as a well behaved man when I came home for my vacations. There were times my father had to come to my college to settle the problems I created. But never neither he nor my family understood in depth the life I was leading. There were incidents where I could have lost my life because of my awful nature, but I believe the love of Christ has kept me alive. Later one day my father was diagnosed with cancer and was taken to CMC Vellore for treatment. He heard the gospel and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and saviour. Two months later he succumbed to the disease and it was a big shock to our family. This incentivized me to be worse than I was. Very soon my mother and brother got saved and started attending a Pentecostal church in Ernakulam. Whenever I went home, my family used to invite me for the prayer meetings, but I was against this whole idea of attending a Pentecostal church. Few months later, one night at about 2 am I was on my bed finding hard to sleep. Suddenly I had a strong feeling in my heart, asking me to go with my mother for worship. This thought was compelling me and hence I decided that I will go with my mother to church. After completing my final year exams I vacated my room and went back home. Next Sunday morning, my family was getting ready for church. They invited me to church expecting a big ‘NO’ from me. Even I was about to say ‘NO’ but suddenly I remembered the voice which compelled me that night few weeks back and I agreed to go to church with them. When we reached church the worship had already started. I was just a spectator there. When the servant of God Pastor P R Baby started preaching from the word of God, the Holy Spirit started speaking to me. I was feeling guilty for the first time and started to cry aloud. I was crying like a kid and repenting. That day I surrendered my life before the Cross of Calvary. I was washed in the blood of Jesus. I felt immense joy in my heart. A great peace, which the world cannot offer overtook my life. Yes! On the 6th of June 2010 my Lord Jesus broke the bondages of sin and made me his son. Today I lead a victorious life by the grace of Jesus. God almighty through his son Jesus Christ has blessed me abundantly. Let me tell you something from my experience. Jesus Christ is powerful to deliver you from the miry clay of sin if you are willing to submit your life to him. I give all the glory and honour to Jesus alone.

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