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Hello Dear Readers! I am Anugraha Mariam Sunil. The title is a testimonial to the faithfulness of God. This statement "If You Honor God, He Will Honor You" is true and 100% proven. I said this because this happened in my life and I speak out of an experience. Last Year I had qualified for NSO (National Science Olympiad), the second level. The exam was scheduled to happen on a Sunday Morning at 10:00. On the very same day, I had my Sunday School exam. I was bewildered and did not what to do. Initially, I thought that I should skip my Sunday School exam and go for the Olympiad. I could not sleep that night. Next morning my Mother tells me, God is more important than my Olympiad and I should somehow write my Sunday school Exam too. I have 4 days until Sunday. I prayed a simple prayer & started to study for both. I decided I must write the Sunday School exam first and then rush to the Olympiad. And so I did. 2 weeks later, when the results are out, I end up finishing 6th in the entire State for the Olympiad & topped my Sunday School Exam. So, you see readers I honored God by not compromising on Sunday School and He honored me. God Bless Us All.

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