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Ajo Sunny

Hi! I am Ajo sunny, I was born in an orthodox Christian family and was a great devotee of Mother Mary. Moreover, I believed in all the saints like Saint Geevargese Mar Gregorios (Parumala Thirumani), Saint George (Gee Varghese Sahada) and other spiritual leaders who were declared as saints and would offer prayers to them continuously. Across all Christian denominations and religions, there are priests and gods; a question always troubled my heart - Who is the true God? But I could not get any satisfactory answers to my question. Initially, I thought all gods are same as all opined the same and were of the view that all are working in different ways. Therefore, I would go to Hindu temple and go around the temple and offer prayers & offerings and would drink the water offered as holy water. I also paid offerings in the box kept near the Muslim mosques. There was a shrine (Kurish Moodu) near to my home and I would light candle everyday and would offer my prayers in front of the idol there. I was doing this in anticipation of all worldly and spiritual blessings through these unknown gods. One day during my B.Ed vacation; I got a chance to travel to my cousin’s home in Mysore from Kerala. They are true believers of Jesus and left traditional churches after understanding the truth (word of God). In that trip, as we were nearing Palakkad town; we saw a big temple. I started detailing its beauty as at that time I was very fond of songs, traditions and festivals of temples. But my cousin’s didn’t like that statement and asked on the lighter side “whether you want to go to temple”. I started arguing with them and told them that there is nothing wrong in going there as that is also a place of godly presence. They shared some of their thoughts in connection with the Holy Bible and initially I could not understand a thing as I thought my belief is correct and true. They mainly told me about biblical teaching on idol worship. Then, I started thinking the rituals done in Churches and it seemed that we also were doing the same thing in Churches. ​ God had planned that journey for us; so that we could discuss a lot of things and they cleared a lot of doubts regarding the Bible and true God. God started to open my eyes; I started feeling that my worship was wrong and in a way I was committing a sin. What God has commanded not to do; we were following in Churches like idol worship, worshiping dead humans after proclaiming them holy. What I could understand is that all traditions followed in temple are imitated in churches also. After reaching Mysore, again they started telling me about it. ​ That was June 01, 2006. They told me about accepting Jesus Christ as savior and Lord and on the same day I accepted Jesus as my savior. After that my conscience didn't allow me to go to a Church that did not follow or obey the commandments given in the Holy Bible. Then I came back to Kerala and started going to a small fellowship near to my home where they worshiped the Lord in Spirit and Truth. At that time, wherever there was such sort of meeting I would attend without fail. Then on June 11, I received baptism of Holy Spirit in a meeting at a home fellowship. I started worshiping the Lord in Spirit and truth and could realize what heavenly happiness is all about. At that time my parents were looking for an alliance for me and they were specific that the groom should be of orthodox faith. But I was praying to Lord to give me a partner of my faith. I believed God will make a way as otherwise it will be difficult for me to continue in the same fellowship. I got married on 17th September, 2006 in an orthodox church itself. But God was faithful as He lead us to the truth together and we were able to get baptized on 11th March, 2007 and God helped us to be the part of a true fellowship and still helping us to remain faithful to Him and bear His testimony wherever we are to guide other people who have not tasted the true God.

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